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  • The Vision

    There are many people groups that cannot benefit from emerging technology due to various constraints. Children, the disabled and senior citizens alike could all potentially have their lives changed for the better through immersive technology. My aim is to do all that I can to help bring virtual and augmented reality to those that might not otherwise be able to experience it.

  • Why XR and why this cause?

    Immersive technologies are resonating with humans at an alarming rate. The use of spatial objects, haptic feedback and exciting visuals are proving to be quite effective in communicating concepts to all age groups. XR (extended reality) is the use of augmented or virtual reality applications to teach, to train and to entertain. We believe that everyone deserves access to these advanced educational modes. From our youngest citizens to those in their senior years, XR can provide new learning tools and experiences to help them in many ways. Marginalized citizens and those with disabilities can benefit (and should have access!) to the best we can offer.

  • How I Approach Using XR for Good

    Through classes, one-on-one instructions, in-person experiences and communitiy service events we work to bring the best of immersive technology to everyone we can.

  • How You Can Get Involved

    To be engaged, simply reach out!

  • Upcoming Events

    To be a part of our ongoing events reach out to get by emailing

Email & telephone
  • 4821 Ridgedale Lane, Conyers, GA 30094 United States