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  • Your Hosts

    XR at Work was originally started by Scott and Dane after they spoke at a large XR conference together in 2020. Their desire to provide engaging and helpful content started in the early weeks of 2022 when they published their first episode on YouTube. Since then, the podcast episodes have grown and are now available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

  • Scott

    For over 25 years, Scott has been building large consumer applications for the web, mobile and streaming. Beginning in 2017, he started pushing live tv broadcasts to VR headsets and never looked back. Today Scott provides immersive experiences to deskless workers in manufacturing facilities around the world. Scott and his family live in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoy camping and running.

  • Dane

    Dane is an Innovation Engineer, focused on integrating emergent technology across global operations space for process improvement. Acting as an internal specialist and project manager, Dane has worked on projects in environments ranging from a corporate cubicle to the manufacturing floor. Utilizing his biomedical engineering background, his core focus is to streamline the interface between people and technology to improve execution accuracy and increase efficiency. Dane lives with his wife in Wichita, KS.