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  • Join Us!

    If you put augmented reality, virtual reality, spatial computing, immersive training programs or digital training solutions into the enterprise we want you in the community! If you're part of the digital transformation efforts in your company we definitely need you in the group!

  • BREAKING: New for 2023 - We're organizing a Community Service Event

    Find out the details on how you can help bring XR to the community this fall! Learn more about the event here

  • Watch the podcast!

    Enjoy XR at Work as it was meant to be consumed with full video on YouTube. XR at Work on YouTube

  • LinkedIn Community

    To stay engaged with the podcast, and XR at Work Community, be sure to Follow our page on LinkedIn. Join the discussions there. -> XR at Work on LinkedIn

  • Slack Channel

    To be a part of our ongoing discussions in Slack reach out to get added by emailing Note: Slack Channel is reserved for corporate XR practitioners only at this time.

  • Open Calls

    The first Wednesday morning of each month we all get on a Teams call and get help from each other! You can ask about getting added by emailing Note: Open Calls are reserved for enterprise members only. No software, services or device manufacturers are included.

  • Live Gatherings

    Several times a year we get together as a group and meet, share ideas, enjoy a meal or participate in community service projects. If you'd like to be included please let us know!

Email & telephone
  • 4821 Ridgedale Lane, Conyers, GA 30094 United States